Cure to Cancer

The Cure to Cancer

The cure to cancer is to maintain a PH level of 7.3-7.5 for an extended period of time - typically several months (1-3 month range). The reason why there isn't an exact time frame is that the wider cancer has spread throughout the body the longer it will take for it to go away.

The question you're asking yourself: What is an Alkaline Diet?

An Alkaline diet focuses on balancing a person's PH levels by consuming 80% base (PH greater than 7) and 20% acidic foods (PH less than 7). Cancer and other major diseases are created when your body is in AN ACIDIC STATE - This is due to a lack of oxygen in the body. In order to counter this, maintaining a PH level of 7.3-7.5 ensures your body is in a base state with a surplus of oxygen.

I can also guarantee many of you have never heard of an Alkaline diet - this is because modern nutrition is all a lie. Dairy is terrible for you. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day - eating a lot in the morning makes you tired because DIGESTION USES A LOT OF ENERGY.

In summary: If your body is between a 7.3-7.5 PH level for an extended period of time CANCER CANNOT SURVIVE IN YOUR BODY AND SPREAD - IT WILL EVENTUALLY DIE. Think of someone trying to swim and tread water. Over time they will get tired and eventually give up. Cancer in an Alkaline state will do just this.

Doctors are not told this because they are taught Radiation/Chemo is the best way. It also costs a patient tens of thousands with little to no guarantee. Sure it works from time to time, but what you need to understand is even if it does work the radiation kills off cancer along with your good cells (white blood cells). This is why post-radiation a patient's hair is gone, bones are weak, and are simply a fraction of themselves - the human body is not meant to be exposed to radiation.



EVIDENCE: SteveWillDoIt Leaking the cure to Cancer/Diseases:

A famous Youtuber who knows Trump, Dana White, and a majority of celebrities. Spends thousands on his health and leaked his daily routine as he talked about "Alkalizing his body" - aka putting his body in an Alkaline state to prevent Cancer/Diseases. Go to Youtube Hates Me | Ep.1: 16:00 minute mark to 17:30 is the part where he talks about leaking the cure.

How Do I Use This Info?

Here's exactly what to do:

Step 1. Research and understand the foods needed for an Alkaline diet. A link to a 7-day meal cycle can be found here for reference:

Step 2. Order PH Strips and start using them DAILY to track/monitor your PH level. You need to maintain a PH level of 7.3-7.5 or at worst a PH level of above 7. The only way to do this is to track it daily. You use a PH strip similar to a pregnancy or drug test - You pee on it. PH strips can be found at a local pharmacy or on Amazon here:

Step 3. Stay consistent. Eating high-base foods and ensuring your PH level is above 7 consistently puts your body in the optimal state to fight off any disease. The results will show if you stay on track - 100% guarantee.

Please note: All of my other guides are a fee to access due to a monetary incentive of knowing the information - like a business class.

Cancer / terminal diseases are a very sad and REAL problem for many people which is why this information is FREE. No one should have to pay for their health it's a HUMAN RIGHT. Share this with ANYONE who is struggling with their health to get them back on track. Big Pharma is designed to slowly kill you - let's take our health back into our hands!