Cure to the Vaccine

Below is a guide on the Cure to the Vaccine and REVERSE the Effects of the Spike Protein that was Injected into Your Bloodstream!

This Guide is Completely Free as this Information Needs to be Public and Get Out to as Many People ASAP!

Below is a list of the best practices to take if you are vaccinated to give the best possible chance of getting rid of the Spike Protein and surviving the DNA sequence change your body is undergoing.

What does the Vaccine do? : To clarify, the Vaccine is NOT A VACCINE! IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY DRUG - MEANING IT MODIFY'S YOUR DNA.

Essentially your DNA is like a computer program - the Spike Protein in the Vax is a Virus designed to alter and change your DNA. The side effects can be anything and everything but it is designed to kill you and prevent normal functioning offspring - meaning any two people who are both vaxxed that have kids will produce genetically altered offspring that already have the spike protein.

This list was made by the legendary Clif High. Clif is a predictive logistics programmer - he runs computer programs that find trends through billions of data.

He is known for buying thousands of Bitcoin at less than $1.00 around the few cents mark and selling in the tens of thousands range - he's rumored to be a billionaire but at the very least worth hundreds of millions.

Links to find each of these medications:





Vitamin D:

Vitamin C:

Chaga Tea:


The prices are high for some so shop around. These links are all of the ingredients to get an idea of what each one is and what they do.