How Politics Actually Work

Want the truth of Politics and how to always make money from it?

This guide will teach you how to use the political landscape to your advantage by quickly summarizing what most don’t realize which will then allow you to identify opportunities to easily make money. Many of the people around you still believe in Republican vs. Democrat – the reality is it’s a scam and they are two sides of the same coin. The same people you see on television yelling at one another over a bill are drinking at the local 5-star hotel after congress finishes their session. THEY ARE ALL IN IT. Every single Republican and Democrat in Congress are millionaires – so which side is really losing in the end. Pelosi made over $40 million during the Trump regime, yet she hates him – funny


The reason each new President is always a different political party than the previous one is that it allows for the economy to reset and continue through the cycle. (R -> D-> R->D etc.)

Why is this important? If you understand the cycle, you can easily predict and make money off the political landscape. To make this easy to understand and for everyone to easily benefit, here are a few steps to this guide.

1. The Cycle – understand what the cycle is in Politics.

2. How to play the game – know how to use the cycle to benefit you.

Once you know and understand steps 1+ 2 = IMPLEMENT


When a Democrat is President = interest rates rise, Domestic spending increases (infrastructure, social welfare, etc.), taxes go up, ASSET PRICES FALL, and THE VALUE OF THE USD (DOLLAR) INCREASES.

When a Republican is President = interest rates fall, foreign investment increases, taxes go down, ASSET PRICES RISE, and THE VALUE OF THE USD (DOLLAR) DECREASES.

The two parties work together to control and keep the economy in constant flow – if you truly understand what each part of the cycle does then you can position yourself to benefit whether a Republican or Democrat is in office – IT’S ALL A SHOW.

So, here’s the blueprint for you on how to always win:

2)How to Play “The Game”:

Hold and save all US Dollars during the Democrat cycle

Buy all investments at end of the Democrat cycle

Buy USD against EURO via FOREX whenever a Democrat Cycle is about to begin - will increase in value as Dollar strengthens

Convert Dollars to Assets at end of the Democrat Cycle - Dollar is at its highest value and assets at the lowest value

Hold and save all investments during Republican Cycle

Sell all investments at end of the Republican cycle

Take out loans if need be at end of the Republican cycle- interest rates will rise once Democrat Cycle Begins

Convert Assets to Dollars at end of the Republican Cycle - Dollar is at its lowest value and assets at the highest value

Do you understand? This allows you to always keep your net worth increasing as Republicans benefit assets and Democrats benefit our currency the USD.

Side note – the media keeps telling you inflation is killing your dollar value – the USD is at an ALL-TIME HIGH VERSUS THE EURO – if you had followed this method by selling assets at the beginning of the Biden administration and kept Dollars on hand, you would be buying all crypto or stocks back for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.

Don’t be choosing sides – benefit from both – both parties are designed to keep you fighting against each other. Pay attention to who’s in charge and position yourself to benefit from the cycle.

Email me: with any questions or results on knowing the cycle.

Tell everyone you know how this works and be sure to check out the other guides which will undoubtedly benefit your life.